The Song of the Quarkbeast

song of the quarkbeastAuthor: Jasper Fforde

The Chronicles of Kazam, vol. 2

My rating: 5 of 5

Her dragonslaying days over, Jennifer Strange has returned to her primary job: managing all the magic workers at Kazam in the absence of the owner, the Great Zambini. Her life is full of typical days of handling high-maintenance have-beens and their egos–and the mountains of paperwork that come with each feat of magic, however minor, that they perform. That is, until Kazam’s rival magic-working company, iMagic, issues a royally-backed challenge . . . one that they will stop at nothing to win.

I very much enjoyed The Song of the Quarkbeast. The plot is solid and character driven, with lots of flavor–a good mix of fantasy, suspense, and mystery with a nice splash of romance, humor, and funkiness. I love the world with all of its quirky parodies of our own. And the characters . . . Jennifer, of course, is wonderful–competent, mature, stubborn, and mildly sarcastic. Lady Mawgon, who you have to love to hate . . . but who oddly grows on you. I think Tiger’s my favorite, though, impertinent brat that he is. In any case, read The Last Dragonslayer first, then read The Song of the Quarkbeast. It will be well worth your time.


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