My Life as a Human Hockey Puck

Author: Bill Myers

It’s an established fact that (whatever other talents he might lack) Wally McDoogle is the best writer around. So when his best friend Opera wins (read “beats Wally in”) a big writing contest–with an idea Wally gave him, no less–well, it’s understandable that Wally’s a bit upset. Rather than honestly deal with his wounded pride, however, Wally holds on to his jealousy and throws himself into finding another talent to let himself shine. The results are . . . painful to say the least.

Is it just me, or is My Life as a Human Hockey Puck even more painful than most of Wally’s stories? It’s a great illustration of the problems pride and jealousy can get us into–although most of us don’t get into quite such an extreme mess. (Wally does have a certain flair to his disasters.) It’s also a great picture of how precious good friends are, especially the ones who still love you even when you’re being an unreasonable jerk. And of course, the story is a comic hyperbolic tale of mayhem that will likely cause readers pain–those side-splints and aching jaws from laughing too much can be rough! My Life as a Human Hockey Puck is definitely a recommended read, particularly for middle-grade readers.

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