The Monsters of Morley Manor

Author: Bruce Coville

When siblings Anthony and Sarah go to the sale at the Old Morley Manor (to clear it out before it’s torn down), they’re just killing time in their boring small town. Little could they know that the set of tiny monster figures they scrounged up the funds to buy are actually people who have been shrunk and petrified. Or that getting these figures wet would reanimate them. Or that animating them would lead to getting drawn into a madcap adventure to save the world!

The Monsters of Morley Manor is classic Bruce Coville writing. The funky blend of magic and science, fantasy and science fiction, is unique and fun to read. The story is well paced and interesting–certainly off the beaten path–and the characters are approachable and real. Even the monsters. The aliens . . . real, yes. Approachable, not so much. The Monsters of Morley Manor is a great story for middle-grade readers, or for anyone in the mood for a crazy romp of an adventure.


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