The Spindlers

Author: Lauren Oliver

Illustrator: Iacopo Bruno

For years their favorite babysitter, Anna, has been telling Liza and Patrick about all the unusual and secret beings that share our world. So when Liza wakes up one morning to find Patrick acting really strange, she knows exactly what’s happened: the Spindlers have taken his soul away to their underworld kingdom. Since Anna’s off at college and Liza’s parents are far too occupied with mundane worries to notice that Patrick’s different or to listen to Liza’s “silly” stories, it’s up to Liza to save her brother herself. Armed with only an old broom, Liza journeys to the underworld, encountering all sorts of extraordinary people and circumstances that will test her courage and resolve. She also finds help and friendship in the most unexpected places. But will that be enough?

I really enjoyed reading The Spindlers. Well, I’m not surprised; Lauren Oliver is an excellent, imaginative author. The world she builds in this story is colorful and unique, with the contrasting brilliance and darkness, hope and despair, that make a fantasy worthwhile. Liza is a bright, bold heroine, and it’s fun to get to know her bratty little brother through her eyes. The Spindlers is definitely a recommended read both for children and for those adults who aren’t so caught up in the mundane as to lose touch with the child within us all.


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