Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind

Authors: Rob Reger & Jessica Gruner

Illustrators: Rob Reger & Buzz Parker

Busy, busy, BUSY! As if completing final projects for homeschool, retuning her golem, keeping her cats in line, and working on her newest line of inventions weren’t enough, Emily Strange receives a letter from her dear dead ancestors (don’t ask how that works; it’s a Dark Girl thing) telling her to take a trip to Seasidetown. Supposedly, when Emily gets there, her own Dark Girl powers–and related supply of the oh-so-useful black rock–will awaken. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of her black rock when she gets to Seasidetown. Even more unfortunately, there are wanted posters everywhere–with HER face on them!

I really enjoyed geeking out over Piece of Mind. Emily’s personality and style are supremely interesting, and the catchy journalistic writing is great fun to read. The plot is well crafted and ties together with the previous volumes enough to make if fun for someone who’s read them, but not so much as to lose someone starting out with this volume (the fourth of the set). I love the attitude, love the cats, love the random, slightly freaky scribbles. Basically, I loved Piece of Mind. Read it . . . if you’re strange enough to.

Note: Super random, but I love the haiku dedication.




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