Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep

Mangaka: Fuuka Mizutani

Just what is the probability of encountering someone with the same name, born a day apart from you, in the same hospital to be treated for the same type of injury? Next to nothing, right? So when small, cutesy Imari Kakimoto and tall, tomboyish Imari Kakimoto find themselves in just that situation, well, it must be fate is what they think. (Their taste for daily horoscopes and such probably doesn’t help diminish that idea.) Over time, these two lonely girls come to accept each other, including all their issues and imperfections. Perhaps, just being together will be enough for them to overcome these challenges.

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep is the first story I’ve ever read in the shoujo-ai genre, and I’m really not into that sort of story personally, Still, it was cute and had a mature josei feel that was refreshing after all the shoujo manga I’ve been reading recently. The art is pleasant–visually appealing, yet down-to-earth somehow. Cute. The characters are also nicely done–sweet people, but ones with personality problems as well. As for the story, because it’s just one volume of manga, you really only get the highlights of their relationship. It works, but I would have enjoyed seeing more daily-life detail, like in the omake at the end. Still, if you have a taste for shoujo ai, Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep is a cute, slightly mature story that’s enjoyable to read.

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