Author: Terry Pratchett

When a huge tidal wave wipes out his entire island nation, Mau is left utterly alone to curse his gods . . . if they exist. Which he is beginning to doubt, although they insist on muttering around in his head. Mau discovers Daphne, a girl from a totally different culture who doesn’t even speak the same language, shipwrecked and isolated by the same wave that left him alone. As they spend time together, Mau and Daphne learn to communicate and work together; and as survivors from other island communities gather together on the island, a new nation begins to form.

May I just say that Terry Pratchett is rapidly becoming another favorite author of mine. He writes with good humor and good sense. Nation is no exception to this rule. Although it begins with tragedy, this story is full of human warmth and endeavor. Ultimately, it’s a story about thinking for yourself–and I love that it doesn’t tell you what you should think or believe. In the end, it asks you to think for yourself. The characters are deep and worth getting to know, and the alternate-world setting is vivid and beautiful. Definitely a recommended read for those of the thinking persuasion (and a step in the right direction for those no so persuaded).


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