Author: Sage Blackwood

When he was only six, Jinx was taken out into the Urwald forest by his stepfather to be abandoned (a practice not uncommon in the small forest clearings where there is often too little food for too many mouths). However, rather than ending up in a witch’s oven or a bear’s belly, Jinx happens to get picked up–by a wizard! And what an unusual wizard. Simon is cluttered and cranky, but actually quite decent when you get down to it. Even better, when Simon’s smart, opinionated wife Sophie steps in, Jinx is even taught to read and do some basic magic. Life in the Urwald is definitely looking up . . . if the evil wizard the Bonemaster doesn’t stir up too much trouble.

Jinx was an unexpected and wonderful find from an author I’d never even heard of before. The world is well developed–a nice balance between traditional fantasy elements and the author’s own original ideas. And the characters are wonderful–complex, complicated . . . human. There’s even a well-developed, interesting villain! The plot flows naturally from the characters and world, and it’s highly enjoyable. Jinx actually reads something like a Diana Wynne Jones novel–which is high praise. I look forward to seeing what other excellent stories Blackwood will create!


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