Lost Boys

Mangaka: Kaname Itsuki

Warning: Mature Content

Mizuki has never been particularly wanted or needed in his life, so when a mysterious flying boy calling himself “Air” drags him off to Neverland to be the lost boys’ “father,” Mizuki’s only somewhat resistant. Although his lack of a father figure in his own life makes it nearly impossible for him to be truly fatherly to the boys, Mizuki finds that the land, the kids, and Air in particular begin to grow on him. Has Mizuki finally found his place in a world that shouldn’t even exist?

Lost Boys is a well-executed contemporary shounen-ai outtake on Peter Pan. All the classic characters (yes, even Peter) have aged out, but their new counterparts carry on the traditional feel and themes (for the most part, with some distinct exceptions). Certainly, Air has the fey innocence (cluelessness) that Peter did; he’s quite an endearing character. I’m not surprised Mizuki found himself falling for him. The story also has some solid “mending family relationships” themes going for it. As for the shounen-ai element, it’s actually pretty mild (which is really nice & fits well), in the main story at least. Do be warned, though: the omake chapter (which involves different characters) is pure yaoi, so skip it if that bugs you. (Actually it really bugs me. Yech!) Still, this is a cute, creative story with good characters and a nice reinterpretation of the original story. Oh, and the art’s quite nice as well, very pretty and whimsical. It kind of makes me sad that Lost Boys is so short (only 7 chapters, even with the omake), but it works. Actually, I think it would have been story suicide if it had gone much longer. So yeah, Lost Boys is a super-cute shounen-ai retelling of Peter Pan for those of you who would find that interesting. 18+ audience only (because of the omake).

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