My Life as Reindeer Roadkill

Author: Bill Myers

In a dream, Wally McDoogle is invited by a snazzy-dressing angel to a birthday party . . . for Jesus! When he wakes up, Wally does what he does best: fluster and bumble about causing mass chaos and maximum disaster. Unsure if the dream was for real, but unwilling to take the chance, Wally sets out to find the perfect gift . . . with a little help from his two best friends, Wall Street and Opera. Outcome: Mayhem, check. Perfect gift, not so much.

In the spirit of the season, I’m featuring a Christmas story this time. Not exactly your typical heartwarming, tear-jerking sort of story though. Although you may cry–from laughing too hard. As with all of Wally’s stories, My Life as Reindeer Roadkill is filled with hyperbolic humor, chaos, blunder . . . and a cool nugget of truth, ’cause y’know, you’ve got to have some sort of balance, right? This particular volume is a bit more direct (and blatantly Christian) about the message than some of the series, yet it still avoids being didactic or annoying about it. This story is particularly recommended for middle-school guys with a strong sense of humor, but also for anyone in need of a laugh over the chaos we make of the holidays–because the McDoogle family has it worse than you do!


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