Minutes Before Sunset

Author: Shannon A. Thompson

Forget everything you think you know about the battle between Light and Dark–the stories have it all wrong. Eric Welborn knows this fact far too well. As the shade destined to battle the Light for the sake of not only his own people but for all mankind, Eric’s life has never truly been his own. He leads a double life–human and shade–on a daily basis, switching between going to school and dealing with a clueless step-family on the one hand and honing his powers for the final battle on the other. His life begins to change, however, when he encounters a nameless shade girl of his own age . . . a girl who has no known connections to the Dark and no idea what being a shade even means.

Minutes Before Sunset was a very enjoyable story to read.The background concepts are well thought out and are different enough from your typical paranormal romance to make it interesting. The plot has a nice balance between the epic battle that’s to come and the daily struggles and growth of the individuals involved. The romance factor was tastefully executed–there’s enough there to be touching and thrilling, but it’s never disgusting, overdone, or cheap. Of course, the characters really carry the story. I really enjoyed the dual perspectives the story was told in, and I found Eric’s personality in particular to be unexpected and interesting: abrasive and sarcastic, yet surprisingly nice at times. (Wait, do we have a tsundere here? I love it!) Honestly, the entire cast is skillfully crafted, and I’m looking forward to even more character development in the following volumes. Essentially, for anyone who enjoys a solid paranormal romance, Minutes Before Sunset is a great story you should check out.


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  1. Thank you for reviewing Minutes Before Sunset!


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