Author: Anthony Horowitz

Some people are lucky and have incredible grandmothers who bake delicious cookies, smile sweetly, and always have time to listen. Joe Warden . . . not so lucky. His grandmother–who is only ever called Granny–is rotten to the core. Worse yet, Granny has perfected the art of evilness, hiding small cruelties under the guise of old age, confusion, and good intentions. When Joe’s parents leave him alone with Granny while they go on vacation, his worst nightmares couldn’t compare to the horrors that begin to unfold.

What a story! Granny is like The Witches meets Aunt Maria meets A Series of Unfortunate Events meets Holes. Super creepy. But I love it. Horowitz’s tall-tale elements keep the story from getting too serious, but there’s a definite suspense and creepiness to it as well. Partially because I could envision some of it actually happening (although I personally was blessed with wonderful cookie-baking grandmothers myself). Definitely recommend, if you’re able to deal with the repulsive and weirdness factors.

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