Mangaka: Akira Hagio

Yuka Satou’s mom died when Yuka was little, and her dad’s remarriage (not yet official and legal) has brought along a new big brother, Taichi Satou. Who just happens to be teaching at the high school she’s entering. And who has a huge insta-sister-complex. Did I mention that he’s an irresponsible, goofy airhead? To make Yuka’s life even more complicated, her dad and step-mom take off on a months-long honeymoon prior to finalizing their marriage registry (saying it’s too complicated to change their passports), leaving Yuka and her unrelated, obsessed brother alone in the house together. Irresponsible much?

Sugar☆Family is a good all-around shoujo manga. To be perfectly honest though, I’d say it’s average. It follows all the rules, has good characters, a decent plot, and average art; but there’s nothing that really stands out as excellent to me. On the plus side, the characters are very much like what Tama-chan and Haruhi from Hostbu would be like if stuck in a similar situation, which is fun to read. On the negative side, the explanation of the situation is repeated way too much even considering the story was serialized in a magazine, and sometimes the end of a chapter seems abrupt and doesn’t flow smoothly into the next chapter. So, if you’re just looking for a decent shoujo manga to fill your cravings, Sugar☆Family will work, but don’t expect an incredible story that you’ll go back to repeatedly–although your experience may be very different from mine, and you might absolutely love it.


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