Author: Jennifer Roy

Throughout his fourteen years of life, Nathaniel Gideon Clark has been called many–frequently conflicting–things: idiot, freak, genius. . . . Just one of the daily challenges of living with Asperger’s syndrome–having a genius brain but sometimes looking like an idiot. (Isn’t that all of us, though? Just less extreme. On the genius side. Fudge.) Surrounded by some great friends and an incredibly supportive mom, Nathaniel is not going to be tied down by labels, however. Or rather, he’s determined to be worthy of the genius label by contributing something of lasting value to the world prior to accepting the label.

Why had I never heart of this book until I randomly picked it up at the library for its cool cover?! Mindblind should be in all the major bookseller’s featured reads, okay? 1) It provides some incredible insight into the world of Asperger’s (which I hadn’t even heart of until recently some otaku mentioned that L is probably an Aspie). 2) It brings more light on the fact that we’re all essentially mindblind. We can only guess what’s going on in other people’s heads. 3) Nathaniel is just an incredibly nice guy, and it’s fun to get to know him. 4) The writing style is pleasant, easy to read, and personal to Nathaniel. Nice use of first-person storytelling. Oh, and I LOVE the .avi file flashbacks–that’s a very nice touch. So why aren’t more people reading this incredible book? Please check out Mindblind; it’s totally worth the time to read it!


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