The Iron King

Author: Julie Kagawa

All her life, Meghan Chase has just been a normal girl–you know, like, excited about her sixteenth birthday and maybe finally getting her permit. Normal. Normal starts to fall apart, however, when Meghan starts seeing things that shouldn’t exist, when her best friend (Robbie) becomes overprotective, and when her four-year-old half-brother (Ethan) starts acting very weird. It doesn’t get better when Robbie sits her down to explain that the world of Faery really exists, that it is actually his native home, that he is actually a fey himself, and that the real Ethan has been kidnapped and replaced with a changeling. Of course, Meghan has to run off to Faery to rescue her brother. And of course, her problems are only beginning.

The Iron King was an enjoyable contemporary fantasy to read. I would put it in a similar category to Twilight, although I must applaud the author for picking something (anything, seriously!) besides vampires (which, if you hadn’t noticed, are currently in a state of high overuse). The characters and plot are solidly build, as is the world. The story is also well-paced and comfortable to read. The romance factor fits well and isn’t overdone, too. It’s not an absolute top-of-the-line must-read, but I enjoyed The Iron King and will probably read the following volumes.

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