The Incredibles

Pixar Animation Studios

Written & Directed by Brad Bird/Produced by John Walker/Music by Michael Giacchino

Bob and Helen Parr used to split their time between their “normal” lives and their superhero alter-egos, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Years later, as superheroes are now officially NOT welcome, the Parrs are restricted to mundane lives, which drives their kids–Violet and Dash, at least–a bit crazy. At least the baby, Jack-Jack, is normal. When Bob accepts a secretive superhero job on the sly and subsequently disappears, his family must draw together and rely on their own superpowers if they are to have any hope of bringing the family through this safely.

The Incredibles is a great example of Pixar doing what it does best–taking a random theme (superheroes in this case), turning said theme on its head, and ending up with a funny, inspirational family movie. The story is great: it’s got a well-balanced mix of action, romance, and everyday family life, with a hearty dose of humor. The characters are well done, and while the Parrs are all basically types, they’re still brimming with personality. (I still think Edna’s my favorite character; she’s like a 4-foot steamroller of frou-frou.)  The graphics are nice also; classic Pixar-style animation with impressive work (especially for its time) on the portrayal of the human body. The Incredibles is one of my favorite American movies (it’s a short list; I’m not usually a fan of American screen work), and it’s one that I can readily recommend for a broad audience including both children and adults.


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