The Innocent

Original Story by Avi Arad/Script by Junichi Fujisaku/Art by Yasung Ko

After being unjustly put to death for a crime he never committed, Ash is given a second chance at life. Sort of. If you count a non-corporeal, ashy existence with a driving mission to protect other innocent victims from the same fate as a life. Ash, being himself, bucks the whole system, nonchalantly doing whatever he wants his own way–much to the chagrin of Angel, who is supposed to be supervising him.

The Innocent is an intriguing little one-shot manga. The brash main character really drives the plot–which is full of action, violence, and such like. The concept behind the story is a little odd, but it works if you don’t worry about it too much; it’s really just set-up to let Ash and Angel do their thing. The pacing of the story is nice, and the Korean artwork is really pretty–while still being superfluously violent. The violence and language definitely make this a story best suited for older audiences. The revenge theme, too, makes it pretty mature, especially considering the ending (which I’m NOT telling). I’m not sure if I’d recommend The Innocent or not; it’s really a case of great writing and art coinciding with themes that I don’t really care for. I guess it speaks for the quality of the work that I read it in spite of my distaste for the topics.


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