Ane Doki!

Mangaka: Mizuki Kawashita

Kouta Ochiai is a normal thirteen-year-old kid living in a single-parent home with his less-than-responsible dad. When seventeen-year-old Natsuki enters his life abruptly–stealing his ice cream, calling him a pervert for thinking they had an indirect kiss, then announcing she’s moving in to look after him while his dad’s away on an unexpected trip . . . well, Kouta’s a bit blown away to be honest. Kouta’s relationship with Natsuki grows in unusual ways as Natsuki–who seems at times very mature and mysterious and at others quite childish–invades his life in the most supportive way possible. He finds her embarrassing, confusing, maddening, and intriguing all at once. Perhaps it’s love?

Ane Doki! is an interesting, playful take on the ecchi/harem romance story that is too typical in seinen circles. For one thing, it’s technically shounen–intended for a younger audience. Which doesn’t mean it’s not ecchi–it definitely is. And it’s amusing to see poor Kouta’s floundering in the midst of the ecchiness. Told from another perspective, this story could easily be kind of shota and gross, but as-is, it’s pretty cute (in my personal opinion) and funny as well. It wasn’t particularly well received when it was originally published (actually, I’ve heard it was cut short, although it finishes off nicely); however, I think its lack of popularity is largely due to the fact that it’s a bit off the beaten track, particularly for Jump, where it was originally published. I really think that Ane Doki! is worth trying at least.

Note: This is another sad case of no-one-can-be-bothered-to-officially-translate-and-publish. Sigh. Decent fan-translations are, however, available if you look.


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