Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Story by: Tomohiro Matsu

Art by: Yōhei Takemura

When college student Yuuto Segawa accepts the job of babysitting his sister’s three daughters for the week, he finds himself entranced by the girls. Fourteen-year-old Sora (the tsundere), ten-year-old Miu (straightforward, open, and slightly devilish), and three-year-old Hina (playful, sweet, and warm) quickly make themselves at home in their uncle’s heart. When tragedy strikes and the girls’ vacationing parents are declared missing, presumed dead, all four are left with difficult choices. None of the other family members will take all three girls together, So Segawa impulsively volunteers to take them (against the older family members’ better judgment). Somehow, in the midst of the heartache and the challenges of squeezing four people into a tiny student apartment and living on part-time wages, these four form precious family bonds that will see them through the difficulties ahead.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! (typically translated Listen to Me, Girls. I am Your Father!) is a really sweet, cute seinen manga. It’s based off a light novel series by the same name and author (which needs to be translated into English!). The story is full of strong characters who, despite kind of being types, are still truly individual. I’m particularly a fan of Miu; her personality is really interesting. It’s neat to find a seinen story that’s purely slice-of-life–no huge political intrigues or wild fantasies, just the daily complexities of human relationships and circumstances. Do be warned that the visuals are a bit ecchi at parts; in the most innocent way possible, but still. Otherwise, the art is very nice–clear, bold, and expressive. Recommended for older readers who enjoy a good slice-of-life manga.

Note 1: To my knowledge, this hasn’t been published in English yet. Good fan translations can be found, however, if you look.

Note 2: There are several spinoff manga for this series which focus more on specific characters and are written for various (sometimes much older) demographics. I haven’t read any of them yet, but intend to check out at least a few in the future.



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