The 5th Wave

Author: Rick Yancey

Cassie (short for Cassiopeia, of course) isn’t sure, but she might be the last human left on earth. Certainly, she’s all alone in the midst of the wreckage of humanity, post alien invasion. Not, as you might expect, and invasion of little green men, but instead of disaster, disease, and distrust, stripping people of their humanity and transforming them into killers. When she finds her life saved by attractive, kind Evan, Cassie must decide whether she’s willing to trust again. Definitely one of the toughest decisions of her life–and one that might cost her life if she chooses wrongly.

The 5th Wave was quite an experience to read. Chilling, frightening, intense, yet warm in unexpected places. The science fiction concepts are well executed, making the story not so much about what the aliens are as about who we are as humans. The multiple points of view help to reinforce that idea (although I personally found the boot-camp scenes less than fascinating, but that’s just me). Yes, there are elements of this story that are a bit Stephanie Meyer-like (although I would compare them more to The Host than to Twilight); however, they aren’t the main focus of the story. Overall, The 5th Wave is a well-imagined, revealing science fiction story that I would recommend, at least to those who enjoy that genre.

Warning: Cliffhanger ending. I’m expecting a sequel (which would be typical for Yancey), and I will be very disappointed if there is none.


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