My Life as Dinosaur Dental Floss

Author: Bill Myers

What’s the harm in one little lie, right? Wally McDoogle finds out the hard way as his innocent little fib to one of his best friends snowballs. One disaster follows another, and soon Wally has the news, the school bully, the law, AND some save-the-snails terrorists all out to get him and the jar of pink gunk (presumed nuclear material) he’s toting around with him. Will he ever find out what the pink stuff actually is? Will he survive this exhausting escapade? Will the author ever tire of asking silly questions? Find out in this volume of hilarious mayhem. Or something.

I first discovered “The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle” series when I was in middle school and have relied on them whenever I desperately needed a laugh ever since. Wally is the nerdy kid you’d hate to be, and his life is like one big disaster zone, but he describes the escalating madness in such humorous, overblown terms that it’s absolutely hilarious. The writing style Bill Myers uses is pretty unique, in a good way. (It’s kind of scary, re-reading this book, to see how much he’s influenced my own writing style!) Added to that, the story is clean and has a good moral lesson, but avoids being didactic about it. My Life as Dinosaur Dental Floss is recommended, particularly for late-elementary and middle-school readers, but also for anyone who just needs to let go and laugh.


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