Witch & Wizard

Authors: James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet

Whit and Wisty Allgood have spent their lives being basically (if a bit hipster, in a good way) kids. That all changes one night–it would have to be in the middle of the night, wouldn’t it?–when they are awakened by a new government barging into their home, arresting them, and accusing them of being a witch and a wizard. Not that they’ve ever done anything remotely magical in their lives. As life as they know it is brutally overturned, Whit and Wisty’s perspectives on themselves are forced to change as well–finding yourself spontaneously bursting into flames, seeing into other dimensions, and transforming Traitorous Jerks into weasels will do that. But will their new capabilities be enough to save themselves and their parents? Not to mention their world?

Witch & Wizard is a breathtaking story–fast-paced in a word-turned-on-its-head sort of way right from the beginning. The author uses the really-nice-people-in-a-really-dark-situation cliché to excellent effect (hey, it’s cliché because it works). And to be fair, the characters are actually pretty cool–interesting personalities and relationships and not complete goodie-two-shoes by any means. My one real complaint is that the very beginning of the story is this crazy we’re-about-to-die situation which isn’t resolved by the end of the book. Okay, Wisty remarks on it and promises it will be resolved in later volumes, but still. Overall, however, Witch & Wizard is a good dystopian thriller with a nice first-person, two-voice, perspective and plenty of action. Worth reading; I’ll probably check out future volumes.

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