Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Authors: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Imagine awaking in the middle of the night to find your parents dead–possibly murdered–and yourself and your siblings the primary suspects. Most of us would freak out. Not Tandy Angel, however. Cool, calm, and collected describes Tandy perfectly as she sets out to uncover who really killed her parents. Perhaps a bit too cool, calm, and collected. . . .

As murder mysteries go, this is a definite winner. Actually, I really don’t go in for the genre much (they get old after the fifteenth essentially-identical plot), but I picked up Confessions of a Murder Suspect anyhow because I’ve come to love Patterson’s writing. (He’s probably my favorite recently-discovered author.) I wasn’t disappointed with this book. As with his other stories, Confessions is full of strong, unique characters–notably the four Angel siblings–and the rest of the plot follows from the characters. So it doesn’t read quite like your typical whodunnit. It works brilliantly, nonetheless. I would recommend Confessions of a Murder Suspect both for murder mystery lovers (it’ll be a nice change of pace) and for those who don’t care for the genre (as an interesting character study and all-around good story). Check it out!


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