The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

Author: Julie Andrews Edwards

When siblings Lindy, Tom, and Ben happen to meet an odd little professor on an afternoon visit to the zoo, they never suspect that the chance encounter will lead them to an adventure. And adventure of discovery, imagination, wonder, with a dash of science for fun. As the children’s friendship with Professor Savant grows, they determine to set out for Whangdoodleland to find the elusive Whangdoodle, the last of his species and the king of that land. Too bad that the Whangdoodle is extremely shy–and that many of his subjects just don’t want the children to make it to his castle. Still, it’s bound to be an exciting journey, whether they make it or not!

Dr. Seuss-meets-Norton-Juster-and-they-go-on-a-romp is my general impression of The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. The story is creative and colorful, full of unexpected creatures and circumstances. It’s like an invitation to open your eyes, to really use your senses to their fullest, and to let your imagination take flight. This is really a delightful story. Check it out.

Note: Who knew that that Julie Andrews actually wrote children’s stories? I was really floored when I found out, but this unexpected find was really a treat.

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