The Final Warning

Author: James Patterson

Over the past few months, Max and the flock have gone from being a huge secret, on the run with no one but each other to rely on, to being huge news, with at least one real parent to share between them. Of course, their skills (read “flying”) and newsworthiness mean that everyone wants to use the flock members for their own ends. While Max will never go with the exchange-freedom-for-promised-safety route that is offered, it does seem that the kids might just get to spend a bit less time running for their lives and a bit more time actually saving the world . . . whatever that actually means. They’re still working on that one.

The Final Warning begins the Protectors arc of Patterson’s Maximum Ride series. As always, it exhibits great characters, a nice brisk pace, and a relatively kid-friendly yet gripping story. I really admire Patterson’s commitment to making a story that kids and adults can both enjoy and can discuss together–that has to be difficult to write. The feeling in this book is “similar but different” in comparison to the earlier Maximum Ride volumes, as the kids have more of a chance to play, discover (and struggle with) romantic feelings, learn about things beyond basic survival skills (for instance, climate change and Antarctic wildlife), and unleash a while volley of new and unexpected abilities. I think The Final Warning is a good start to the new story arc, and I look forward to seeing where Patterson will go with the flock over the next few volumes.

Note: Apologies for spamming Maximum Ride over the past few weeks; they’re just really good stories that I’ve greatly enjoyed. Since originally writing this post, I’ve finished the series. I’ll pass on reviewing the latter four volumes on the blog for now, but I would also recommend reading them. Great series.

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