School’s Out–Forever

school's out foreverAuthor: James Patterson

Maximum Ride, vol. 2/The Fugitives, vol. 2

My rating: 4 of 5

Max’s flock is on their way to D.C. to attempt to find their families. When yet another run in with the wolf-like Erasers leaves Fang terribly injured, it appears the flock will have to rely on grown-ups (non-avian) for help–something absolutely terrifying when those same adults might turn on you at any moment, especially when they find out you’re a mutant bird-kid. The situation might just be a blessing in disguise, however, as the kids find themselves welcomed to a big ranch house with plenty of land, food, and even real beds for them all. They even get the chance to go to an actual school–a first for all of them! Naturally, such an idyllic situation has Max absolutely on edge . . . quite possibly with good reason.

School’s Out–Forever follows immediately on the heels of The Angel Experiment and carries on the story and tone excellently. Patterson continues to develop all six (seven if you count Total, which–let’s face it– you should, even if he is just the dog) of the characters, with a combined heartwarming, heartrending, and hilarious effect. The setting, for a large portion of the book, is stable–unlike the first volume–yet the author keeps the story moving at a brisk pace. The content and language are a bit more mature, although still well within acceptable limits for an under-16 audience. (I kind of get the feeling that, since most of the people who read the first book were a bit older, Patterson just went with it in School’s Out–Forever.) As in the previous volume, the attitude and the quotations are fantastic (Particularly the exchanges between Fang (Fnick) and Iggy (Figgy). Love those two!) School’s Out–Forever is definitely a recommended read; just be sure to read The Angel Experiment first.



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