Absolute Boyfriend

absolute boyfriendMangaka: Yuu Watase

My rating: 3 of 5

Depressed by her romance-deficient life, Riko finds herself suckered into buying an extremely expensive mail-order boyfriend. Unaware of her childhood friend Soushi’s feelings for her, Riko continues to cling to this “boyfriend” who she has named “Night.” To complicate matters further, she constantly finds herself badgered by the sketchy salesman who originally sold her Night. And when things couldn’t possibly get more complicated, her robot boyfriend begins developing real human (?) feelings for her . . . feelings which Riko just might reciprocate.

Yuu Watase is something of a legend when it comes to shoujo manga, but Absolute Boyfriend is actually the first of her works that I’ve read. It’s fairly short (only 6 volumes) and is well-paced, making it a good introductory work for readers. It’s extremely shoujo (and a bit ecchi at parts–you have been warned). Unfortunately, Riko is just the sort of too-typical teenage girl that I just want to shake! Still, reading her story was engaging and overall enjoyable, if also a bit frustrating. The art is pretty/cute and quite expressive. My biggest complaint is the ending–it fit and was conclusive, and probably inevitable, but still . . . . The sort of guy who tells a girl he loves her and then leaves her is the worst! In my personal opinion. Still, overall Absolute Boyfriend is a good teenage love story, if you enjoy that sort of manga. I’ll probably check out some of Watase’s other works in the future, although I doubt I’ll re-read this one.


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