Me & My Brothers

me and my brothersMangaka: Hari Tokeino

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Fourteen-year-old Sakura Miyashita was orphaned at the age of three and has been living quite cozily with her maternal grandmother ever since. But now that her grandmother has passed away, Sakura finds herself truly alone in the world . . . or not. More like, she finds herself in a confusing and overwhelming situation in which her four older stepbrothers–whom she doesn’t even remember–are now her guardians who want to make a happy home together. Add to that the fact that all four are extremely overprotective and think Sakura is basically the center of the universe and . . . well it’s either a recipe for heaps of fun or heaps of mayhem. Maybe both.

Me & My Brothers is one of the first manga I ever read, and it has remained one of my absolute favorites ever since. The story itself is cute but relatively uneventful–a slice-of-life family story that gradually morphs into something of a romantic comedy while still retaining the slice-of-life, family-story feel. Actually, nothing much ever really happens in the plot; it’s totally the characters that carry the story. Which says a lot for the characters, in my opinion, if they can carry the manga for eleven volumes without becoming boring. (Honestly, I think Masashi’s responsible for about 71.8% of that. I think he’s my favorite character of any story, ever. I love that he’s impossibly girly, yet can be ridiculously manly–while still wearing a dress.  I love that he’s an absurd ditz, but that he still works hard for the people he loves. I love that he’s absurdly overprotective of Sakura, yet is an utter pushover for a sob story. He’s a very complex and unexpected character. Okay, enough fangirling . . . Sorry.) Tokeino’s art suits the story well . . . slightly imperfect and somewhat homely, but cute and expressive . . . surprisingly so sometimes. Overall, Me & My Brothers is an incredibly sweet and innocent story which I would definitely recommend.


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