Goblin Secrets

goblin secretsAuthor: William Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5

Zombay, vol. 1

Rownie is one of many orphan children who call the witch Graba’s roaming house their home. Although, he spends his hungry days running errands for Graba and scrounging up enough to eat, his life has a certain comfortable pattern to it. That is, until his brother disappears and a troupe of goblin performers come to town and change Rownie’s life forever.

Goblin Secrets is an interesting read. For most of the story, you don’t really know what’s happening, as the author reveals one interlocking piece after another. Even though the plot elements are concealed a good bit of the time, the story is never tedious or boring. The world and the characters both are well imagined even though, again, less is revealed about either initially that you would expect. Actually, the whole book’s rather like a good poem: deft, expressive, and minimal. It’s definitely a story I would recommend.


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