The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp

the extraordinary adventures of alfred kroppAuthor: Rick Yancey

My rating: 4 of 5

Alfred Kropp, vol. 1

Take one part Arthurian romance, one part action movie, add one bumbling kid who can’t seem to get anything right, and you might get something vaguely resembling this book. Maybe. Rick Yancey’s ability to mesh story elements that seem impossible to reconcile is what really makes this story shine. The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp has the fast-paced thrill of a typical action story, complete with high-speed chases, shoot-outs, and blood splatters. However, what stands out most about this book is the skill with which the author weaves in not just the knights and swords of Arthurian legend, but the concepts as well. Right from the beginning, Alfred is faced with the choices between right and wrong. And after he’s chosen wrongly, he is faced with the choice again and again until he finally gets it right–a choice that might cost him his life. I would recommend this book for people on both sides of the divide–action or traditional romance–as it is a beautiful fusion of the two that somehow surpasses its parts to become something unique and brilliant of its own.


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