ChompAuthor: Carl Hiaasen

My rating: 4 of 5

Wahoo Crane’s dad makes a living wrangling animals for television shows. Unfortunately, an unexpected accident (a falling frozen iguana!) has left Mr. Crane unable to work, and it’s getting difficult to make ends meet–especially with all the animals they have to feed! When the TV show Expedition Survival makes them an offer they can’t resist . . . well, Wahoo and his dad can’t resist. Now all they have to do is keep the idiot star of the show from killing their animals–or himself–before they get the program recorded.

I really enjoyed reading Chomp. The local Floridian flavor and the passion for all living things that Hiaasen brings to his work (at least everything I’ve read by him) is really touching, and is balanced well by the rollicking adventure and the almost slapstick moment. I have to admit, the star Derek Badger reminds me of a certain hubris-ridden TV personality that I deeply dislike, and seeing him thoroughly humiliate himself in this book was rather rewarding. Sorry. Wahoo and him family are likeable folks, and seeing their ordinary family dynamics playing out is just nice, you know? In an ordinary, everyday kind of way. In any case, reading Chomp is definitely recommended, particularly for nature lovers.


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