FearlessAuthor: Cornelia Funke

Translator: Oliver Latsch

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Mirrorworld, vol. 2

Jacob Reckless has managed to save his beloved brother . . . at the cost of bringing the Dark Fairy’s death-curse upon his own head. Now, while keeping this curse a secret–especially from his brother and his dearest companion, Fox–Jacob has tried one risky cure after another to no avail. As his time is running out, Jacob and the now-informed Fox enter a race against another esteemed treasure hunter to discover what may be Jacob’s last hope for survival.

Fearless is everything I’ve come to expect and love from Cornelia Funke’s writing: a lushly imagined fantasy world; well-developed characters that are very human . . . even when they aren’t; a gripping, well-paced storyline; and perhaps most importantly, the rich, dark flavor that can be found almost solely in German writing–like cloying bitter chocolate. Actually, her style reminds me somewhat of Michael Ende’s writing–which is definitely praise. I do have to note that Fearless is the sequel to her earlier work, Reckless. While, for the most part, you can pick up Fearless on its own, there are allusions to the earlier story and elements of the world which will make much more sense if you read Reckless first. Both books are definitely recommended.

Note: Do be warned that this book (and its prequel) are darker and more mature than most of Cornelia Funke’s other books. They would be better for an adult audience, just because of the style and feel of the content.



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