A Confusion of Princes

a confusion of princesAuthor: Garth Nix

My rating: 4.5 of 5

All his life, Khemri had been told he was special, one of the privileged elite. Which was true. What no one ever bothered to tell him was that being a Prince is less about living a carefree life doing whatever you want and more about living in submission to the Imperial Mind. Or that it’s a daily fight for survival–which is a pain, even knowing that you’ll probably be reborn into your original body. This is the story of Prince Khemri’s three deaths . . . and the lives he lived between.

A Confusion of Princes is truly an intriguing story. Garth Nix builds a credible world, and even more so a mind-boggling yet believable society. He takes an almost hive-mind sort of concept, mixes in deftly-hinted-at technologies, and emerges with a vibrant, not-quite dystopian civilization. Nix then introduces a protagonist and storyline that will eventually turn the ideology of this civilization on its head, returning the focus to those things that most truly define humanity. This work is deft and well-paced such that even I, who don’t usually much care for science fiction, would recommend it.


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