Fair Weather

fair weatherAuthor: Richard Peck

My rating: 5 of 5

The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition has come to Chicago, bringing with it a bustling, brightly-lit future. But all of that is worlds away from Rosie Beckett’s small-town farm life–that is, until she and her siblings receive an invitation from their rich, citified Aunt Euterpe. With their socially awkward Grandad stowing away on the trip and their lonely, widowed aunt pining for high society and companionship, the Becketts are on a course through this eye-opening journey that is bound for disaster and mayhem at every turn. But whatever the outcome, this rapidly maturing country family is certain to find the trip life altering.

As always, Richard Peck’s storytelling is spot on. The characters are credible, easy to connect with, and (perhaps most important) fun to read about. The story itself naturally spills from the characters’ being themselves (which is easy to read but difficult to write). Perhaps the most outstanding element of Fair Weather is the profusion of period detail that Peck has woven into the characters’ lives so seamlessly that anyone short of a period historian will probably never realize it’s there. (I’m sure I missed a lot myself!) I particularly enjoyed the use of period photographs of things mentioned in the chapter that were used as postcards at the end of each chapter. These postcards were just the right touch to tie together the whole. In all, Fair Weather is yet another excellent work by Richard Peck that comes with my high recommendation.


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