Legend of Chun Hyang

legend of chun hyangMangaka: CLAMP

My rating: 3.5 of 5

Long ago in Korea, there was a peasant girl named Chun Hyang whose demure character and resolved devotion to the nobleman she loved have become legendary. In their manga, Legend of Chun Hyang, the four-woman group CLAMP give their own take on this legend–a take which is, as they say, a bit different. Chun Hyang is the epitome of spunk, vigor, and competence as she goes around bullying the bullies. She even occasionally turns her violence on her companion (probably eventual lover), Mong Ryong. Unfortunately, there are some injustices that even their combined capabilities can’t prevent without tragic losses along the way.

As with all of CLAMP’s manga, Legend of Chun Hyang is visually stunning–gorgeous art and breathtaking layout all the way. The story is coherent and interesting as well, although it feels like it was chopped off with much more story left untold. I believe the technical status of this manga is “incomplete,” meaning that CLAMP has more story that the could (and probably want to) write, but they don’t have the publishing support to finish it at this point. I truly hope that they will be able to continue the story in the future, as it has the potential to be a captivating epic. As it is, the single volume currently available is an enjoyable work that I would recommend, particularly to those who like romantic adventure stories with an element of tragedy woven into them.


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