Not Just a Witch

not just a witchAuthor: Eva Ibbotson

Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes

My rating: 3.5 of 5

I couldn’t say that this is my favorite of Ibbotson’s works; however, it is still an excellent read. Not Just a Witch tells the story of Heckie, an animal witch, as she graduates from school and goes out into the world to “do good.” As she makes new friends, experiences the value of old friends, and learns discernment in making new friends, Heckie works hard to protect the innocent (mostly animals) and to rid the world of the truly wicked (by turning them into animals). In nearly all of Ibbotson’s writing, the clear distinction between good and evil is a defining and refreshing feature, as is the seeming inevitability of the conclusion at which the story arrives. I would recommend Not Just a Witch to anyone looking for a story that is both predictable and surprising at the same time, or for anyone who simply loves a good story.


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